Frequently asked questions

I'm a beginner. Can I take this course?

Yes. This course covers beginner to advanced topics.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

It is highly recommended to have a fundamental understanding of the C programming language, basics of Visual Studio, and basic Windows internals knowledge.

How often is the course updated?

There's no set time, but if you have the premium or lifetime plans expect an update around once a month.

Are there corporate offers for enrolling several members?

Yes, please email and provide the number of users you would like to enroll.

Do you accept crypto payments?

We do not accept Crypto payments.

Do you accept PayPal?

Unfortunately at the moment PayPal payments are not supported.

I need an invoice for my employer

An invoice can be generated in your profile settings.

Why can't I access modules all of a sudden?

If we suspect any fraudulent payment or detect a breach of our Terms and Conditions, such as account sharing or scraping activity, your account could be subject to temporary or permanent suspension.

What does the course offer?

The main course currently has 91 modules that gradually increase in difficulty, with highly commented code and objectives for each module. If you have the premium or lifetime plans, you will have access to more modules. Additionally, our Discord channel has challenges and techniques designed to further improve your offensive security skills.

What knowledge will I have by the end of this course?

This course aims to enhance the user's expertise in various areas, covering topics such as Windows internals, malware development, C programming, usage of Windows API, reverse engineering, debugging, enhancing opsec considerations, and evading host-based security solutions (i.e. AV/EDR).

Do I have to follow the course in order?

It is highly recommended, but not required. All modules are indexed and searchable, therefore you can search for the desired topic and work on a specific module.

I have questions and concerns who can I email?

Feel free to contact us at

Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

Yes when the main modules are completed you become eligible for a certificate of completion.

Are there student discounts?

There are no student discounts available at the moment.

How can I join the Discord Server?

The Discord server link is available inside module 1.